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Check out these Chicago photos!

MSA data on a variety of areas for your use and enjoyment. Current data includes: Population, DMA rank, land/water area, and a breakdown of professional sports teams MLB, MLS, WNBA, NFL, etc.

See these Savannah shots!

 The 8 Characteristics of Third Places... Details the 8 traits that turn a typical coffee shop or bookstore into a place where people go to get away and reinvigorate themselves.

Check out these great  Boston photos!

Private Sidewalks: A Missing Piece of the Pedestrian World...A discussion on the shortcomings of private sidewalks with lots of photo examples.

Look at these Paris pictures!

Top Four Requirements of Transit Oriented Development: Atlanta's Lindbergh Station - A Case in Point - ... Discussion on the critical requirements to successful TOD development & a case example.

Check out these delightful D.C. photos!


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The creation of a beautiful community is an art form born within the decisions we make.

A beautiful community is unique, harbors positive relationships and has a high quality of life.

Knowledge, honesty and people-first actions are three keys to a beautiful community.

We must strive for this beauty. - The Urban Enthusiast


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